First Presbyterian
Learning Place Preschool
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Our Curriculum
While preparing each young student for entry into Kindergarten, our program concentrates on individual development.  We provide opportunities for creative thinking and learning that is tailored to the emotional, social, intellectual, physical, and spiritual needs of each child.

 The Learning Place Preschool is a Christian program based on a balanced sequential curriculum divided into five levels:  

Advanced Prekindergarten

    At each level new concepts are introduced and built upon existing skills.  Children are placed in classes appropriate with their chronological age and development.  All levels will include language, numbers, stories, music, science, creative play, art, playground fun, and special units.  The Learning Place integrates a Christian preschool curriculum with the academic program.  In all of our classes the emphasis is on individual learning in a relaxed, enjoyable small group.

    The Nursery and Junior Classes are designed to reinforce socio-emotional development and gross motor coordination.  Learning to interact with peers is an important part of this class, and  noncompetitive group activities are introduced.  Children will participate in action songs and stories, beanbag games, and marching with rhythm instruments.  They are introduced to letters, numbers, shapes, colors, and nursery rhymes.  Activities will include painting, pasting, play-doh, coloring, water play, singing, and stories.

3 years old by August 15th
    The Intermediate Class will present students with additional cognitive skills and encourage their natural imaginations.  Puppets, finger plays, stories, and dress up games are part of the creative play.  Manipulative skills are improved with sorting activities, cutting with scissors, coloring, and many art projects.  We encourage the development of self-help skills and socialization with peers.  Children will learn the letters of the alphabet, number concepts, safety information, songs, and prewriting skills, as well as many special units.


4 years old by August 15th
    The Prekindergarten Class encourages the enrichment of the many concepts and skills presented earlier.  This group will concentrate on language development, using a whole-language approach to integrate all curriculum areas into a "letter-of-the-week" alphabet review.  Creative stories, action songs, finger plays, games, art, and music are all geared to reinforce basic concepts in language, math, science, and social studies.  Having mastered many of the "tools" for preschool (scissors, crayons, glue, paint, etc.), the students enjoy creating individualized art projects.  They work together in cooperative projects, including group murals, science activities, songs, and stories.  With many special units the children are offered activities that improve their fine motor and large motor coordination, listening and memory skills, patterning, sequencing, and number concepts.

Advanced Prekindergarten
5 years old by August 31st

    The Advanced Prekindergarten Class is designed to address the needs of those children who would benefit from an additional year of preschool and are not yet ready for the social and emotional demands of an all day, everyday kindergarten program.  This class will challenge students intellectually while accommodating their attention span and development level.  The curriculum units will be entirely different from the ones followed in the Prekindergarten Class.  Although skills and concepts will be reviewed to assure their mastery, new units and activities will be offered to build upon last year's work and challenge growing interests.  This class will present additional work in phonics, reading and writing skills, math concepts, science, social studies, music and art.

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